Focus On… Snuggly Sleepsuits

Well, the weather may have given spring a little trial run a couple of weeks ago, but winter’s back and currently showing us who’s boss at this time of the year! With howling gales and torrential rain outside last night, we all snuggled up nice and cosy for the evening in thick pyjamas and fluffy socks, and went to bed warm and snuggly under our duvets…

DSCN1337 (2) webAnd why should dollies be any different? Aside from the fact that, as any little ‘mummy’ (or ‘daddy’) will tell you- dollies are real, so of course they feel the cold, they actually DO get cold! Have you ever had a small little child climb into bed with you for an early morning cuddle? While they’re all nice and warm from sleep (as are you), and then dolly gets held against you for a kiss… In the middle of winter it can be quite a shock, just how cold those poor ‘babies’ can get overnight!

So was my thinking many years ago, when I designed and made my first Winter Snuggly Sleepsuit for all those poor, freezing cold baby dolls! Based on real babies’ sleeping bags, they are made from a beautifully soft fleece fabric, and being fully enclosed along the bottom edge, the little sleepsuits should keep dollies warm whatever the weather outside! With the addition of long sleeves, dolly doesn’t even have to be fully tucked in with a blanket to keep cosy all night long!

DSCN7322 webLike all of my other doll’s clothes, these little sleeping suits are made in a simple style and are easy for little girls and boys to put on/ take off their dolls by themselves. The one piece design incorporates wide armholes, so there is no fiddling about, breaking dolly’s arms off in the dressing process, and elastic around the neck makes doing the back Velcro fastening easy!

Of course, slotting a doll into a small neck opening wouldn’t ever work well, so I’ve made the back opening nice and deep- dolly might end up folded in half in the process of getting ready for bed, but it doesn’t HAVE to! With a decent sized Velcro fastening, and a good overlap at the back of the sleepsuit, dolly won’t get a chill down the back either! Roomy enough to accommodate doll’s legs and a nappy if wanted, the main body of the sleepsuit is nice and wide, and plenty long enough to allow for all size variations that dollies are made in!

DSCN4538 (3)Usually on my website from around early October until April, these little sleepsuits are available in all three of my Dolly Clothes Sizes. I currently have two designs for sale- my Winter Snuggly Sleepsuit, aimed mainly at girl dollies, and my Owl Print Snuggly Sleepsuit, aimed mainly at the boys.

And, even better- not only do they make dollies look nice and cosy; they make them nice and snuggly to cuddle up with as well!

Focus On… School Summer Dresses

The first of another series of occasional blog posts- this time showcasing some of my items, particularly ones that are seasonally appropriate!
First up, my School Summer Dresses

DSCN1568 web

With the end of yet another summer term looming, thoughts are already turning to school uniform for next year- whether it’s for a new little school starter, to get the buying over so the summer holidays can be enjoyed ‘school free’, or simply to take advantage of all the ‘back to school’ sales which are springing up everywhere- before the holidays have even begun!

As a mum, the last thing I’ve ever wanted to do at this time of year is think about the autumn school term- being too busy looking forward to the long summer holidays ahead, with my children around me and several weeks where normal routines go out of the window…
Shops, on the other hand don’t worry about all that and are ever more intent on being the first to win the sales for the cheapest, or best value school clothes. Back to school now begins before the children have even broken up, and so this has become the best time to buy for next year.

DSCF4182 web

With everyone’s thoughts therefore now focussed on school uniform buying, this too is my prime time for selling my Dolly School Dresses, and as such I also have an offer running on my School Summer Dresses with September’s new little school girls especially in mind, and there’ll also be a discount on all school dresses during August, available to all.
Details of my current offer can be found HERE 🙂

Designed back when our Little Blondie first started school, my school summer dresses are designed to match closely with real school uniforms. Available in a range of gingham colours to complement the most popular school colours, my dresses are made in the same simple style as all my other dresses- with elastic around the neck and sleeves, and a deep opening with Velcro fastening at the back of the neck, so that even new little school starters, or nursery and pre-school girls can have a dress for a favourite dolly matching their own school dresses, and be able to dress them in it easily by themselves.

DSCN0984 web

There are so many different variations on the classic school dress that it was difficult to choose any one style to go with- but with a simple ric rac trim around the hem and across the chest, complete with bow detail, this pretty little short sleeved dress should match in easily with any style and remain ‘in fashion’ for many years to come! 🙂