Little Dolly Clothes Shop

Little Dolly Clothes Shop is my online store, selling a beautiful range of individually handmade clothes, bedding and nappies for baby dolls, and made especially with very little ‘mummies’ in mind.

All designed, made and sold by me, the clothes are made in a simple style so that even very young children are able to dress their dolly by themselves, with minimal help needed from an adult or older child. My outfits will fit all baby dolls, including the popular Baby Annabell, Baby Born, Tiny Tears and ELC Cupcake dolls, unless otherwise stated.
All my items are also fully CE labelled for toy safety.

Launched in September 2009, the idea for my shop came about after many years of watching my own daughters struggle with badly made shop bought dolly outfits- these often required the poor doll to have to twist into very unnatural positions just to be dressed or undressed! Based originally on a dress they already owned, I adapted the design until the fit was looser, the armholes bigger, and the opening down the back big enough to actually fit over the doll’s head without having to twist it off. My younger daughters found this dress much easier to play with by themselves, causing them much less frustration, saving me from hours of being nagged to ‘dress dolly’, and therefore creating a much happier playing experience for them. The looser fit also meant that the dress was able to fit several different dolls, meaning that the girls didn’t have the frustration of trying to fit a smaller dress onto a larger doll, or vice versa!

I began to wonder if other little girls would enjoy playing with my dolly dresses as much as my own did, and I began researching ways to try and sell them. Eventually I decided that setting up my own online shop seemed to be the easiest and most cost effective way to try my new venture, and to give a bit of variety I worked some more on my design and came up with a basic top and trousers- these could either be used as an outfit or a pair of pyjamas, but still used the same ‘simple’ principles as the dress. My website became an instant success, receiving two orders within the first week- seven years on and I have now sent out over 600 orders to satisfied customers, many of whom write to let me know this is the case!

My range now also includes; nappies designed for specific dolls to ensure a beautifully snug fit, baby boy doll’s clothes, cot and pram bedding, a Christening gown, school uniform in a choice of colours, and much more.

Why not head over to and take a look?

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